Down to Volunteer

Shifting the narrative of volunteering.

Design Brief

A bit about the problem we're trying to solve.

Needs Analysis

Reseraching user needs through inspirational designs and talking to people.

Design Development

Paper prototyping responsive designs and testing flow with users.

Design Refinement

Responding to another round of testing and feedback.

Final Refinement

A formal usability study, more feedback and finishing touches.


Some additional information on how we interact with our users and interviewees, called our consent narrative.

Purpose and Description

We are students at Olin College of Engineering. Currently, we are taking User Experience Design (UxD), a class where we diving deeper into the design process of working with and for people and translating that into effective software. For our class, we are talking to people to learn more about what they do and why they do it. We would like to talk to you and learn more about your daily experiences. This interaction would consist of a conversation and some questions.


Your confidentiality is very important to us. We will not use your real name when recording information and we will respect and accommodate any other requests and concerns that you have. We will be creating a pseudonym for you that we will use when we reference your experiences.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any monetary compensation for this experience, but we hope that our conversations will provide you with some indirect benefits. These may include include: the satisfaction of helping others, a fun and enjoyable experience, learning about the design process, Olin, and UxD.

Time Commitment

We will be working on this project for a semester so we would love to have a few visits with you over that time. We understand that you are busy and are grateful for the time you are willing to give to us!

Request for approval to use the techniques identified

We want to learn as much as possible from this interaction, and the best way to do this is to make records of our meetings. Our main method of record keeping will be notetaking, but we hope to use other methods such as photography, audio recording, or video, if it is okay with you. Of course, your privacy is important, so we will ensure that you are comfortable with our record keeping at all times.