Analysis of User Needs

Inspirational Designs

We started out by studying existing solutions in the space to learn from - this reserach is documented here.

Our Starting Point


We started out by talking to people in our user group. Initially, we categorized them to different types of high school students, college students, recent grads, volunteers, and organizers.


As a group, we unpacked the discussions we had and documented the things we learned in people portraits. In order to preserve our users' anonymity, we named each person after a kind of cheese.

Design Artifacts

Using the information generated in our user discussions with the people above, we created a few design artifacts to help us make sense of our new insights:

A venn diagram of the motivations we saw that led people to volunteer.

A map of volunteerism in Needham illustrating the connections between individual volunteers and event organizers.

2x2 matrices analyzing how and why our users seek volunteer events and how motivation seems to be affected by age.